Laura Stone began her exploration of mind/body disciplines with Hatha Yoga in 1970. She was seeking inner calm, a sense of physical well-being and coordination, and mental focus. On seeing the graceful movements of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, her practice turned toward this traditional Chinese health exercise, meditation in motion, and martial art. She sensed T’ai Chi Ch’uan to be “music for the body”, a way to find quietness of mind and fluidity of body through movement. T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the core of her daily practice.

Laura’s initial training began in 1972 and continued with masters in the US, Taiwan, and Europe, including the self-defense and interactive aspects of the art. Her primary teacher is Grandmaster William C. C. Chen.

In 1979, Laura founded The T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association of Indiana (USA), a center for William C. C. Chen’s T’ai Chi Ch’uan, where she was director and head instructor until 1994 when she moved to The Netherlands.

On her ongoing journey of stillness in movement and movement in stillness, she began sitting meditation through Zen in 1985.

The Studio opened in Deventer in 1996 where Laura teaches small groups and private lessons in Dutch and English. She continues to give workshops internationally.

In recent years, Laura has trained as a psychotherapist (Hakomi, body-centered psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy) and as a mediator. In addition, she has returned to playing the piano and is co-creator and presenter of trainings for mediators and business professionals with her husband, Fred van Welsem, at Welstone.

Laura brings her years of teaching and life experience to the classroom in a grounded, playful, and creative way. And this on a foundation of solid practice and inspiration from the many teachers who have graced her path.

Laura Stone is registered as a teacher through the Stichting Taijiquan Nederland (Taijiquan Foundation of The Netherlands) and received her diploma from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen in 1986.

Deep appreciation and thanks to my teachers of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Hatha Yoga, Zen and psychotherapy, for their well-springs of knowledge, expertise, teaching skill, patience and kindness. And special appreciation for my primary T’ai Chi Ch’uan teacher, Grandmaster
William C. C. Chen, who continues to patiently and skilfully provide guidance and inspiration to the many students worldwide with whom he has contact.
On the path of continual unfolding and evolution, I carry within something of all of the following teachers.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Grandmaster William C. C. Chen and his (senior) students (Norman Blair, George Blank, Bob Friedman, Carol Mancuso, Nathan Menaged, Tom Otterness, David Pancarician, Tim Pitt and the many NYC students with whom I have trained over the years), 1979 - present
T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association of Indiana teachers (especially Charles Pearce, Cordah Robinson, Jody Curley) and students (1979 – 1994)
Dr. Tao Ping-siang (workshops 1990 - present)
Master Peter Ralston (workshops 1985 - 1993)
Master Benjamin Peng-jang Lo (workshops 1977 - 1984)
Mr. Tuan You-chang (3 months daily study in Taiwan, 1977)
Mr. Sam Kekina (6 months intensive study in Hawaii, 1977)
Mr. Robert Cheng (1972-1974)

T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Brief Instruction)
Almanzo Lamoureux (Lao Ma) (1992, 1993);
Masters Hsu Yee-chung, Shen Hong-xun, (T’ai Chi Ch’uan Research Project, Belgium, 1992);
Master T. T. Liang (1981 & 1987);
Ms. Kan Gui-xiang (1984);
Master Jou Tsung-hwa (1984, 1992);
Mr. Robert Smith (1983)

Hatha Yoga
Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten (6 workshops 1989-present)
Dr. Lorrie Collins (weekly classes and teacher training 1984-1990);
Judith Lasater (workshops 1985-1987, 1991)
Manuso Manos (workshop 1988)
Dona Holleman & Ramanand Patel (retreat 1985)

Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi (12 one-week retreats 1987 - present)
Thich Nhat Hanh (retreats 1993, 2000)
Adelheid Meutes-Wilsing & Judith Bossert (retreats 1998 – present)

Dr. Richard C. Schwartz (2 year training, supervision in Internal Family Systems Therapy 1998-present)
Phil del Prince, Devi Records, Annie Lloyd, Emerald Jane Turner (2 year professional training and supervision in Hakomi Body-centered Psychotherapy 1993-1997)

Cong Zhi-yuan, Chinese calligraphy (1990)
Margaret Sung and assistants, Chinese Language (Indiana University, 1980-1982)
Ho Tit-wah, Chinese calligraphy (1977 & 1979)